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Helicopter and Private Jet Charters from your local Airport to the Beautiful Hamptons & Eastern Long Island

Jet Charter Hamptons can improve your bottom line by reducing the cost of private jet charter travel.  “Buy as you Fly” with no up front deposits…..and enjoy the highest levels of safety and service with access to thousands of airports around the globe.  Jet Charter Hamptons provides the very same aircraft and crews that all other programs use but with No deposits, No long-term contracts and No fuel surcharges!

How can Jet Charter Hamptons offer you 10-60% savings on every trip with optimal safety and service and with the same private jets and crews all other programs use?

  • Low Overhead: Large advertising budgets and oversized payrolls at the jet card companies simply get passed along to you in the form of higher hourly prices! We don’t waste money like that but, rather, spend wisely and maintain only core personnel and operations to ensure optimal safety and service and pass the savings along to you.
  • Strong Negotiating: We secure multiple private jet charter quotes on each of your trips from our extensive network of certified operators and negotiate the very best quote available.  You are not locked into an onerous jet charter card pricing schedule where you can’t take advantages of market conditions.
  • Fairness in Pricing and Personalized Service: We take a long-term approach to our business and believe that fairness in pricing and offering the most personalized service in the business will ensure long-term relationships with our clients…..and it’s working.
  • Experience: We have an experienced team of aviation professionals that understands the private jet charter business and how to secure the very best deals for you.

Private Jet Charter service, serving the Hamptons and the Greater Long Island area.

Now is a great time to fly.  Before you renew your current program have a look at the math and see why “fractional” and “card” clients are switching to Jet Charter Hamptons.

“The Hamptons”, a collection of quaint and charming towns that occupy the South Fork of Long Island, NY, form a popular seaside resort, one of the historical Summer Colonies of the American Northeast. It’s elegance & hamptons country charm makes it the perfect combo for just about everyone! The Hampyons towns that are a favorite for tourists include Southampton, East Hampton & Montauk with Water Mill, Bridgehampton and all the little hamlets in between. The rich culture & heritage of its farmers, fishermen & Native Americans offer a colorful blend of local flavor. It’s residents, which grow in the summer, include a high portion of affluent New York City residents, as well as a number of affluent people from other nearby states, executives, and increasingly, foreigners from Europe and South America. It offers a large number of retail shops and restaurants and extensive arts community.
Residential real estate prices in the Hamptons rank among the highest in the nation. In particular, Sagaponack, Water Mill and Bridgehampton were cited by Business Week as being the 1st, 6th and 8th most expensive zip codes in the nation, respectively.

A trip to the Hamptons is an unforgettable way to spend a day, a weekend, a week, or a season. If you’ve experienced the region’s myriad joys, you’ll be eager to return for more. And if you’ve never spent time in the Hamptons, well, lucky you – you’re about to discover one of the most amazing places in the United States. Miles of beautiful beaches on the ocean and on peaceful bays are just the beginning of the Hamptons experience. The Hamptons offers fishing, surfing and sun bathing, and many a temptation for the gourmet. You can pick up produce from historic family farms, wines grown from the grapes of local vineyards, and seafood caught daily from sparkling waters.

Walkers and hikers will marvel at the variety of wildlife. Rolling hills and broad plains offer bikers, joggers and roller bladers a delightful day on the road. At a more leisurely pace, visitors will find events and festivals of all kinds — antiques, art, crafts, music and theater in all seasons. The seasoned shopper can sample local stores or world-famous boutiques on charming village streets. Art and history buffs can delve into art and history museums, as well as a new children’s museum, and a thriving gallery scene exists in part due to the large number of artists living in the area. And an array of restaurants caters to every taste, with offerings from a boxed lunch for a day at the beach to haute cuisine.

Amenities in the area also include prominent golf courses such as Sebonack Golf Club, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, travel to the National Golf Links in Southampton and the Maidstone Club in East Hampton. Exclusive private clubs provide additional recreational resources to the very affluent in the area. These clubs include The Bathing Corporation of Southampton, the Southampton Bath and Tennis Club, and the Meadow Club in Southampton Village.

The Hamptons are easily reachable year round by land and more easily reachable by private jet charter service at two local airports: The East Hampton Airport (HTO) and The Westhampton Airport (FOK). The East Hampton Airport is located much closer to the center of activity but it’s shorter runways can sometimes present an issue, especially with larger charter aircraft. Both airports serve as the gateway to The Hamptons for thousands of passengers each year and offer convenient access to all local attractions including pristine beaches, great dining, fantastic shopping, fishing, boating, sailing and a host of recreational activities, both on land and sea!

. The benefits of being able to access Local Jet Charter at the Hamptons Airport as a private jet charter client are clear:

  • Hamptons Jet Charters and Aircraft Rental allow for efficient, flexible, safe, secure and cost-effective access to destinations across the country and around the world. Because employees can meet, plan and work with each other aboard business aircraft, productivity en route is greatly enhanced using Jet Charter Hamptons powered by JetWay Private Air.
  • In many instances, a private jet charter is the best or only transportation option available, opening the door to global commerce for small-community and rural populations by linking them directly to population centers and manufacturing facilities. Studies have also shown that private jet charters contribute greatly to local economies across the country.
  • Private jet charters also allow employees to make a trip involving stops at several locations, then return to headquarters the same day. Hundreds or thousands of dollars can be saved on hotel rooms, rental cars, meals and other expenses that would be needed to make the same trip over several days via auto, train or airline transport.

Jet Charter Hamptons – Jets & Helicopters to East Hampton Airport Maximize your visit and minimize the fuss getting there!

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